On a Cliff Overlooking the Sea #WritePhoto



This is exactly how I pictured it.

Temple ruins set on a cliff overlooking the sea. In my imagination, this place has always existed.

It’s real. I’m here.

A breeze, heavy with salt and seaweed and mist and everything that only the ocean can offer, caresses my cheeks. Tousles my hair.

Waves wash up, lapping the rocky shore, gurgling like a newborn babe. They retreat, leaving frothy rings on boulders worn smooth. It reminds me of a root beer float, those cream-colored bubbles. Then they are gone. The waves roll up again, bringing their foam, then run away.

I tried to run away once. I was seven. I stuffed my pillowcase full with mismatched socks I didn’t need. Mother hated when my socks weren’t the same color. And I brought bubble gum I loved. It was watermelon-flavored. The kind Father hated because it smelled the whole room up. And I thought how wonderful it all was. How it wouldn’t matter because they wouldn’t be there. I could chew with my mouth open and blow enormous bubbles and pop them all over my face and no one could say anything because I would be alone.

Alone on a cliff overlooking the sea. Temple ruins set behind me.

It’s real. I’m here.

Just like I imagined.

The sun is setting, creating a golden carpet for my feet to step upon as I dance atop the sea before I sink.

I set my pillowcase down, strip my pants and top off, and skip to the cliff’s edge. I curl my toes over the place where earth meets air and jump.

I laugh so loud. The wind pulls the sound so all I hear is something that sounds like distant drumming. My legs scream, or maybe it’s me. I forgot how much it hurt. But I smile as I leave behind what I was never supposed to be.

By the time I hit the water, I cannot feel my legs. They are gone. They are one. They are me. They are the iridescent tail I remember from a time when I knew what cerulean blue scales looked like underwater while the sun was setting, creating golden carpets on the surface.



My attempt at #writephoto, a weekly writing prompt for poetry/flash/short stories hosted by Sue Vincent




23 thoughts on “On a Cliff Overlooking the Sea #WritePhoto

  1. This is magnificent. I am running out of words to describe your work. And as always I find myself wanting a little bit more of the story. These small windows of breathtaking beauty that you show are amazing, Sarah. #megamast ❀

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    • I love this! Readers take different meanings away when they read. That’s one (just one) of my favorite things about flash and micro. As long as they like it, the meaning is up to the reader once it’s out there. Thanks! ❀

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      • Does this mean I put a different interpretation on your flash to what you wrote? I agree that the reader will interpret your writing as they will as they are influenced by their own world experiences in their interpretation. I have to admit I feel a slight disappointment when it is obvious that my meaning has not been “got”. I blame myself for being too obscure, perhaps not culturally aware of differences or perhaps technically inept. I think it happens with flash much more than in a longer piece of writing because of the brevity.

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      • In some writing, when I work hard to get a meaning through and no one gets it, it’s upsetting. I clearly did something wrong. Other times, I like when there are multiple ways a reader could interpret the ending and they read it their own way. I do love the “hinting”. πŸ˜‰

        I thought of this as one of my few “happily ever after” endings with the mermaid returning to the sea. Though it could be taken as a suicide, drowning, analogy of death…really, the ending could be heartbreaking.


  2. Awesome, wonderful story!

    Fantastic imagery throughout — the sea, the boulders, the sun, everything.

    Such a great background and character you develop, leading to the unexpected conclusion. But you also leave us wondering about the rest: the temple, how she ended up with those parents…

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    • Thank you! πŸ’šπŸ’™ What a great comment (and compliment). Much appreciated. I think I’m going to do something with this flash. You’ve given me an idea. *rubs hands together*


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