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The Roses Mini Sagas Anthology Edited by Georgia Rose & Sally-Rose Runhamroses mini saga 2020

Could you write a story in fifty words? This is the challenge set by the Roses Mini Saga Competition. Fifty words, no more, no less. Included in this book are the winners, and all other entries from the 2020 competition…

We dare you to challenge yourself and look forward to receiving your entry.

You can get your copy here: 🙂

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Anthology of mini saga stories of exactly fifty words, with a beginning, middle and end, telling a story in a few succinct words. Stories have an element of time passing, and show a message or things happening. Stories arranged in themes including nature, life cycles, timeless love, relationships, courage and resilience and treating people with respect, taking care not to make a wrong first impression. Themes of all mini sagas include Nature, Life Cycles, Philosophy, Trauma and Long-lasting love. Easy to read stories for those who find long books too tough. Not particularly easy to write short stories, but provide a real challenge helping us to develop our capability at creative writing. Themes cover dementia, loss of memory, the pandemic, lockdown, a changed word after the pandemic, pubs opening, beautiful descriptions of nature and wildlife, angst at cyclists travelling on pavements, joys of crafts and baking, raising difficult teenagers, love that lasts throughout life, unusual relationships, tragic events.

You can get your copy here: 🙂

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Roses Mini SagasAbout Roses Mini Sagas:

What is a Mini Saga?

A mini saga is a fun way to tell a story in 50 words exactly, with a title of no more than 16 words.

It should have a beginning, a middle and an end, and some period of time should pass through the story.

It should have gravity. That’s to say, it should make a point which has some drama or psychological truth. It must aim, in fact, to be a saga in miniature.

The 2022 round of entries opens the 10th December 2021.

The Roses Mini Saga Anthologies

Check out the guidelines here: The Roses Mini Sagas Anthology Rules & Guidlines

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