Toddler Time


Every Saturday, Lucy walked past groups of high school kids smoking in the arched library entrance.

“Hey, Lucy! Headed in for Toddler Time?”

“Mother Goose?” they mocked.

She grinned. “Dr. Seuss today, boys. Care to join?”

“Do we get a juice box?”

Lucy climbed the brick stairs and closed the door on their laughter.

The librarians busied themselves when they saw her.

“No worries, ladies. My kind of crazy isn’t contagious.”

Some of them had the decency to blush.

She reached the children’s section, charred from last year’s tragic fire, and smiled at the little ones waiting for her.



Flash Fiction Challenge over at Carrot Ranch

March 2, 2016 prompt: Libraries In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that includes a library

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16 thoughts on “Toddler Time

  1. Lovely flash, Sarah. Story time is so important. I could be that eccentric older lady heading off to the library for story time each week. That would be just wonderful! One day perhaps. I love the way your story shows the importance of it to those who really matter.


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