Somewhere along the way, she lost the ability to hear her own words.

When she spoke, it sounded as if a nest of hornets had been disturbed. A hollow, distant, buzzing noise that made her head feel full of cotton.

But he heard her clearly.

He loved her and she didn’t understand it. Not the love or the words.

Her thoughts were lucid, though. She watched from afar as tiny fissures formed each day—slowly shattering her mind.

She needed him to see that this life was crushing her but, though he listened with undiluted love, he was blind.




This is a 99 word flash I wrote for my lovely and talented tweep, Katsyarina, who asked for more of my #1linewed.

The prompt was “need” and the original tweet was this last line. Thanks, Katsyarina. Lovely Poetess. ❤


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24 thoughts on “Need

  1. Thanks a lot for writing it & even after reading I still want more of this story – it keeps me wonder & yearning for more ❤
    You pictured piercing raw emotions there – wonderful job 🙂
    This story leaves a bit heavy aftertaste but it only proves how good it is 😉

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    • Thank you so much for being my muse. 💕 Perhaps I will write more about this. (Though I won’t make any promises for a happy ending… I don’t know what will happen.) Regardless, I enjoyed writing this so thank you again. Spasibo.

      Liked by 1 person

      • It was my honor ❤ I'm happy you enjoyed writing and no pressure on continuation – just do as you feel 🙂 I simply shared my thoughts and feelings (no obligations), and sweet of you to use a Russian word to thank me – warms my heart ^_^ Happy writing to you this week 🙂

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  2. Powerful — sad and powerful. People can care so much about each other and still not be able to see how to help the other person. Some think listening is enough — and it rarely is — but others *know* it isn’t enough but just can’t find the key.

    As always, your writing has expressed this so well.

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  3. This: ‘…though he listened with undiluted love, he was blind.’ Makes me think of this: ‘She doesn’t have depression, she’s always the life and soul of the party…’. This is what your writing does to me. Brilliant Sarah ❤

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  4. Sounds like she’s in enormous pain and seeing no way out. Sometimes even unconditional love can be restricting, allowing no escape. Perhaps it needs to be diluted to prevent its blindness.
    I feel the torment, so painfully portrayed. Well done.

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  5. (For an instant I thought we were going neuro with a Wernicke’s Aphasia and then you would be my total twin. #Nerdy)
    The metaphor is better than the reality. This is so sad and the story told by generations of women and each of us on many a day!

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