Game Shows


Mum hates TV.

When my father still lived with us, she bitched about how much he watched the stupid thing.

Now she leaves it on all day. “For company,” she says.

I hear the women talk about her. How she couldn’t keep a husband. I want to punch them in the face—they don’t know anything.

I got my father’s temper.

She’s different, my mum. Fights back with her mind, not her hands.

Half the neighborhood can’t pay their bills but they can see our TV glowing through the windows. They know we have power.

And can waste it.



Flash Fiction Challenge over at Carrot Ranch

February 3, 2016 prompt: Power In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about power  


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25 thoughts on “Game Shows

    • I guess it does leave questions. I’m so used to writing a complete story in 99 words, it’s weird that my flash has been incomplete lately. Maybe I can spin that in a positive way – that I’m so good, readers want more! 😜 Or not.

      No, you didn’t miss anything. It’s something Eric and I made up and started writing to each other on Twitter a bit ago after a back-and-forth “you’re awesome”, “love your poem”, “you’re so talented”, etc. (don’t know when we carried it over to our blogs). It’s: Mutual Admiration Society of Twitter ❤️


    • Power. Such a huge topic. Here, trying really hard in just 99 words, I attempted power of the mind, power of electricity, and a position of power. Might need to be a bit longer to get those all through. Ah, well. Fun and love the challenge, as always. Thanks, Kate! 💕

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  2. Ha! “Stuff them!” I can hear her say. I understand sometimes the need for ‘company’, but mostly I sit at the computer and have my own thoughts and those of my friends for company.
    Great flash. I hope the son learns to control his temper.

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  3. Sarah, you have an amazing ability to bring to life hard-knock stories, with the full range of emotions in only 99 words, Here, you’ve given me anger, revenge, protectiveness (daughter of her mother), loneliness, abandonment, poverty, family breakdown. I felt it…deep in my gut… ❤

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