Sour Milk


She squirmed in her chair at the meeting. Something about a new filing system. A co-worker glared at her. She stopped tapping her pencil, immediately beginning to bounce her leg. Could she leave? This stupid meeting had been planned for a month.

No. She’d lose her job.

Thoughts of the milk carton facing the wrong way plagued her. The front, with the cartoon cow on it, was turned toward the orange juice. She had seen it from the front door just as her son opened the fridge for breakfast.

“Excuse me,” she grabbed her bag and left the office.



 * This was a challenge I created for myself (99 words – no more, no less) from micro fiction I wrote on Twitter. Just thought it needed more space to breathe. Here’s the tweet:

“She squirmed in her chair. Something about a new filing system. Thoughts of the milk carton facing sideways in the fridge plagued her.”

The #FP (Friday Phrases) prompt was “obsession”. 


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22 thoughts on “Sour Milk

  1. OCD must be such an affliction. You have captured the driving force and angst well in this piece. I do think it works well as flash, but does raise some questions for expansion as well. Well done!

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  2. Great setup, details (cartoon cow!), and then leaves the reader with the agony of knowing we all have character traits that affect our lives — and some are more serious than others.

    Eric’s right — more of this character, please! I already like her. 🙂

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  3. I love the way a phrase or idea can eat away at you, even when you think you’ve ‘finished’ something – like the tweet used to create this flash.
    Love the idea of giving it room to breathe. It’s a perfect flash in 99 words but as a reader I’m expanding it to a whole character, sad or funny life. Who is she?!

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    • Of course she did! Thank you! (Yes, the cow against the juice is just no good…no good at all.) I appreciate your comment about the length. I liked the challenge and felt it told her story. I also love that some want to see more of this character but I like it in 99 words, too.


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