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On the Reef is a series featuring fabulous indie authors from around the blogosphere and beyond. Titles, covers, and blurbs that catch my eye, new releases, great reads… Basically, authors I’d like to highlight and works I’d like to share with my fellow book-loving word nerds. Happy Reading!




The Beauty Thief by Rachael Ritchey

Chronicles of the Twelve Realms (Book 1)

It will take much more than a kiss to rescue this princess.

The kingdom of Twelve Realms has known war, but under the current high king’s rule peace has come. Goodness abounds, but on the eve of High Prince Theiandar’s wedding to his beautiful and sweet young bride, Princess Caityn of Taisce, an ancient and forgotten evil brings a new chaos to the realms.

The thief who wields an archaic power is merciless.
In secret and under the light of the moon, through the centuries, he has stolen what gives him new life. In return, he transforms comeliness to haggishness and rips everything beautiful from the soul.

The beloved Princess Caityn is left wretched and bankrupt of all the goodness she possessed. Only the purest, deepest, and most compassionate of souls carry the beauty for which the thief longs. But unless Theiandar can unravel the mystery before the fullness of moon, Caityn will be lost to the curse and their love forever hidden in the depths of the thief’s dark heart.

You can get your copy here: 🙂

Amazon US | Amazon UK


About Rachael:


The Beauty Thief is the first book in her YA series called Chronicles of the Twelve Realms. While she considers the books fantasy because of some of the elements of the stories, they read more like historical fiction. Book two is on its way to completion. She also has a middle grade book started that she hopes to find time to finish, too!

Rachael is an every day wife and mother who writes books she would want to read; she writes stories she’s proud to share with her kids and you. While her goal is to entertain, she also wants to use her writing to inspire courage and compassion.

Being an author, sharing her stories, is about more than selling books.

Website / Blog
Amazon Author Page (Please check out her other books here.)


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