Powder Residue


She would never get away with it.

Everyone knew how allergic Tom was to onions.

She had stopped trying after placing the poisoned salad at Tom’s place for Christmas dinner last year. Though she had diced the onions to minuscule bits and tucked them beneath the romaine, he could smell their strong odor.

“Stupid bitch. Watch what you’re doing!”

She recalled the looks. Pity. Blame.

She shook off the memory.

“Al’s Pizza is right next door,” the cashier said eyeing her basket.

“It’s a special occasion,” she placed the yeast, flour, tomatoes, cheese, and onion powder on the counter.




Flash Fiction Challenge over at Carrot Ranch

August 19 Prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that includes onions.

35 thoughts on “Powder Residue

  1. You did great Sarah. So onion powder it is then! I would like to know if Tom smells it before it’s too late, or indeed suspects the real reason why she (his wife I’m assuming) accidentally ‘forgot’ about putting onions in the salad. A murderous plot is afoot…eye wateringly delicious I would say 🙂

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    • I suspect he will not suspect because I suspect he is the type to yell at unsuspecting people and move on, not thinking of motives. He wouldn’t suspect foul play because he’s arrogant. “A murderous plot is afoot…” I love it. Thanks for the “eye wateringly delicious” comment. Loving your word choice today. 🙂

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      • Ha, love it! : ‘I suspect he will not suspect because I suspect he is the type to yell at unsuspecting people…’ Oh you definitely have his true colours nailed to the tree. Great stuff Sarah. And just to let you know, I’ve signed off from blogging for a while as I am desperate to finish my memoir, and also I’ll be taking some time away with my family (in France!). I’ll miss you and your posts, but I’ll be back again as soon as possible. I’ve got this ‘now or never’ kind of thing going on so…it’s time. I wanted to let you know and wish you a wonderful rest of the summer and then it will be time to walk in those autumn woods again and watch the leaves fall and breathe in the cool mists of a ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’. Hugs to you dear Sarah, see you soon 🙂 ❤

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  2. Wicked. Reminds me of that movie where the gal tried to escape her nasty husband and faked her own death… until he found her again. I think it starred Julia Roberts.

    We don’t have to like everything we write. But getting it down – that is the important part. And as long as it is fiction…

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  4. Powder residue. That’s a good title. I was thinking the smoking kind – guns, that is. I wasn’t thinking onion powder. I wonder will it smell and/or taste? Hmm. Will he discover? I think it is very clever the way you have managed to tell the whole story in 99 words.

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    • Thanks, Norah. That’s what I was aiming for (pun intended) with the title and the whole story in a short flash. So happy it worked for you.

      I don’t know… Kate seems to think if it’s an older bottle, he won’t smell it. 😉

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      • Will it still be potent if it has lost its smell and taste? What is that he has a reaction to? Maybe it becomes inactive over time too. Perhaps it needs to be camouflaged with something stronger. Does he like garlic?

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        • Ahahaha! 😀 I’m the one with the dark mind?! Camouflaging the onion powder with something stronger-smelling? Garlic can definitely be baked into pizza crust without raising suspicion. Isn’t it usually? (I’m not sure if onion powder becomes less potent if/when it loses its smell but he is very allergic.) 😈

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        • Sorry. I can’t help myself. You have heard me say, I’m sure, that it is important to question everything! 🙂
          But my questions to your fabulous fanciful stories come from amusement rather than serious questioning! I do enjoy them so. Nevertheless – a serious answer could be interesting, if one could be bothered . . . (Don’t tell anyone I said that!) 🙂

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  5. Chilling conclusion to this piece – and certainly it begs certain questions mysterious to the nature (pardon the pun) of their relationship. Still, excellent write 🙂

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