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I have a little something different this week.

Not a book but a website. And it’s celebrating its 1st birthday. One year of giving high-quality educational resources to early ed teachers across the globe. (Even if you’re not a teacher, there are some fascinating articles on this site. Just saying.) The writer, Norah Colvin, is someone I’m thrilled to be highlighting.

Happy Birthday, Readilearn. 🎉

Readilearn by Norah Colvin

Early Childhood Teaching Resources

Welcome to readilearn: an online collection of digital and printable early childhood teaching resources – designed to lighten your workload.

Resources include original digital stories, interactive teaching episodes, and open-ended activities designed to support you as you support student learning.

Many activities provide a context that integrates learning across the curriculum.


You can check out the website here: 🙂


About Norah:

Norah Colvin, founder of readilearn, is a passionate Australian educator with many years teaching experience. Many of the readilearn resources were developed by Norah for use in her own early childhood classrooms. Others have been developed specifically for the readilearn collection.

readilearn enables us to combine our passions for education and writing.

Readilearn Website

About Readilearn

Norah’s Blog


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