Home for the Holidays

My sister wakes me.

She puts a finger to her lips and we pad down the hall in our fleece footie pyjamas. It is still dark so she holds my hand on the stairs.

Our parents stand in the dining room. I feel strange—like it’s snowing inside. There is quiet and cold here. Our da stares at something on the floor: a Christmas stocking.

I don’t understand why it’s in our house. We don’t have stockings. Or a tree with ornaments.

“There’s a note,” Da says.

My sister points to the shattered window. We are not welcome here.



December 3 Prompt: Dissonance and Holidays (Write a story that pairs something seasonal with something odd.)
My two words are: Stocking and Window
Flash Fiction Challenge over at Carrot Ranch

Lipstick and Radar

An hour ago, her biggest decision had been which lipstick to wear—the red or the copper. Which would look best on camera with her navy pinstriped pantsuit?

She set her face in a sympathetic yet confident mask for the broadcast. The radar showed a Category 3 hurricane headed for Florida. Her copper-colored lips issued warnings, preparations, evacuations.

Wind intensified and changed direction, heading northwest toward Louisiana. The storm surge would kill hundreds and there was no time to evacuate.

Now her decision was who to text first. She might have time to send two if she was lucky.



November 26 Prompt: Dissonant (Write a story using two ideas, people, or objects that don’t go together.)
Flash Fiction Challenge over at Carrot Ranch

I used an online Random Word Generator
This gave me: “Lipstick” and “Radar”