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Sue’s Midnight Haiku is now in a collection and available today! ๐ŸŽ‰ I’ve posted about my love of Sue’s haiku here and am so excited about this!ย 


New Release


Midnight Haiku by Sue Vincent


Haiku is a Japanese poetry form that has become very popular over the past decades, taking on its own unique character under the rules for Haiku in English.

a creative mind
just seventeen syllables
sharing a story

The three hundred and sixty-five poems within this book collate a year’s journey in poetry through the seasons and the intermingled landscape of mind, body and spirit. The poems were originally published as “midnighthaiku” every night at the appropriate time, leaving, like Cinderella, a trace of a day’s passing and a glimmer of the day yet to come. Each poem can be read ‘on the surface’, but each has its own layers of meaning too, waiting to be discovered by those who turn their attention to the heart.



You can get your copy here: ๐Ÿ™‚

Amazon US | Amazon UK


My Review:

Sarah Brentynโ€™s review of Midnight Haiku: A Year in Contemplation | Goodreads

Midnight Haiku is more than a book of poems. Written with insight, intent, and reflection, this collection provides spiritual nourishment. The photographs, reflecting themes of nature and existence, are perfectly chosen.

It is possible to read this in a few days but, to truly appreciate these pieces, itโ€™s best to read one (or two) at a time. Perhaps each morning. The author has set it up this way, actually, as the subtitle suggests: A Year in Contemplation. With 365 gems, this is easy to do.

The beauty of this poetry will add light to your life. Each haiku, skillfully written and poignant, left me with a sense of gratitude that stayed with me throughout the day. A collection to savor and treasure.


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France & Vincent

The Silent Eye


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On the Reef: The Shark’s Friday Feature (not on a Friday but I couldn’t wait to post this one).

18 thoughts on “Featured On the Reef ~ Sue Vincent @SCVincent #MidnightHaiku

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  4. I finished the collection last night, Sarah, and will write my review today. I noticed the dedication, too. How lovely. This is one I’ll read again, one per day for a year. There are so many gems. I’m glad Sue gathered them into a collection. Hugs

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