She felt magnolia petals falling on her grave.

Freshly dug, soil still loose, the mound surrounded by mourners, she heard crying. Noisy sniffles, gentle sobs, painful wails.

She shifted focus from those above her, fixing her mind on the tree. Its branches reached for her. This time of year, it offered pale pink flowers.

This time of year, it needed her most.

And every spring these coming years. Her body would nourish the magnolia roots and, in return, her grave would be speckled with velvet petals. Nourishment for her soul.

When the grieving left, she would dance in nature’s bouquet.


Flash Fiction Challenge over at Carrot Ranch 

May 7, prompt: Nourish In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about something that nourishes/is being nourished.



20 thoughts on “Nourishment

    • Dark and nourshing… I love that description. I don’t know what takes over when I write these things. Aside from the occasional funny one, they all go dark. Thank you, Charli. For the prompts and for the support. 🌸


  1. Oh wow, Sarah. This is just beautiful. While I’m not ready to do so just yet, my wish is to nourish the soil when I leave. Your opening sentence is a wonderful enticement, your last a fitting conclusion. And everything between is perfectly in place.

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