Only Pepperoni


Outside, wind howled, rain pounded our windows, but that was nothing compared to what was happening inside.

In our kitchen, my brother’s storm startled me even more than Mother Nature’s.

It arrived with a force that sent my dog running. I wanted to follow but I stayed, frozen, under my mother’s glare. I had to stay, always, so as not to make my brother feel bad.

Him. We don’t want him to feel bad. Because, with changes in routine, like pizza being delivered with mushrooms alongside the pepperoni, he struggles. But, standing near his pizza-fueled rage, I struggle, too.

Flash Fiction Challenge over at Carrot Ranch 

April 3, prompt: Pizza In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that includes pizza. 🍕



14 thoughts on “Only Pepperoni

    • I’m not sure. Now you mention it, there was a little brother in one of my flash pieces who was keeping his brother from getting to sports practice because of his compulsion to touch the counter a certain amount of times and couldn’t get it “right”. Is that what you’re thinking of? That older brother was understanding. This one (not sure if he’s older or younger) is scared and a tad neglected in the face of his brother’s needs. Thank you, Anne. I liked this piece so I really appreciate your comment.

      We’re getting by. Hope you and yours are doing well. Stay healthy, my friend. ❤

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  1. It must be difficult for siblings who must always adjust their feelings and put the needs of ‘more needy’ siblings before their own. Sometimes it’s the parent’s needs too. Your pizza story displays the difficulty and the conflict, torn between knowing and accepting, with an unwillingness or inability to fully understand or accept why it should be so. Well done.

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