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On the Reef is a series featuring fabulous indie authors from around the blogosphere and beyond. Titles, covers, and blurbs that catch my eye, new releases, great reads… Basically, authors I’d like to highlight and works I’d like to share with my fellow book-loving word nerds. Happy Reading!


New Release


Tried and (Still) True by Erik Tyler

With his characteristic wit and conversational style, the author of The Best Advice So Far introduces a proven, practical and refreshingly personal guide to self-empowerment. Discover what more than five centuries of brilliant minds somehow knew about thriving despite the uncertainty of a modern age. No hype. No jargon. No quick fixes. Just clear and simple strategies that work.

Answer a few simple questions to yourself:

When did you last make a positive change that stuck?

Do you often say yes to things you wish you hadn’t?

How deeply connected do you feel to others?

What is your driving force or purpose?

Are you truly happy?

Those of us living in the twenty-first century have become obsessed with new. We allow ourselves to get caught in a never-ending loop of chasing the latest guru or seminar or system that promises success and happiness. Yet all the while, we step right over the time-tested tools that history has already left squarely in our path.

TRIED & (Still) TRUE takes a different tack on “only the strong survive” by making the compelling case that the strongest tools for success and happiness have survived the test of time and remain every bit as true and powerful in 2020 as they ever were.

They’re simple. They’re easy to remember. And they’re yours for the taking. Gain practical, use-it-now strategies for:

• maximizing your time

• saying no and preventing burn-out

• keeping your home, office or dorm room in ship shape with minimal effort

• maintaining peace of mind in the midst of change or upheaval

• beating procrastination and getting stuff done

• cultivating meaningful relationships while letting go of toxic ones

• handling disappointment and loss with character

• figuring out whether to stick with a hard thing or bail

• …and many more real-life skills that just make life better

It’s your turn to discover the “oldest tricks in the book” for making the kinds of small do-able choices that lead to big change—change that lasts.

TRIED & (Still) TRUE includes special features for use in book clubs and other discussion groups.


You can get your copy here: 🙂

Amazon US | Amazon UK

About Erik:

Erik is an author, speaker, blogger, mentor, facilitator, workshop leader, people lover, creative force, conversationalist, problem solver, chance-taker, noticer, and lover of life. He lives in the Boston area of Massachusetts.

Website / Blog
Amazon Author Page
(Please check out his other books here)

* Thanks so much to D. Wallace Peach for sharing this book on her blog. That’s how I learned about it. 🙂

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    • Thanks for taking time to comment and share, both here and on Twitter, Barbara. The central theme in everything I write, books or blog, is this: “You always have a choice.” And I’ve seen the power of it in real people’s lives over and over for decades. This is why I write. (Plus, it keeps me focused; as I tell people often, I need the reminders as much as anyone.)

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