Flash Fiction Contest: When I Grow Up


This contest asked writers to pen a flash in 100 words from the perspective (and voice) of your 6-yr-old self about…you guessed it…”When I Grow Up”. Here’s my attempt (not an entry, just challenging myself for fun).


Potentially Right

I hear them.

I’m in the hallway at school, cuddling Oscar, my purple owl stuffie. I’m petting his fur. Owls don’t have fur but I pretend it’s feathers. And that’s okay.

Their voices creep from under the door with number 17 on it. That’s my classroom. Words like “simple” and “incapable” hit me. I pull Oscar closer. They say I do not understand things.

I don’t like coloring circles in red and squares in blue to prove I know the difference. I know.

I know trapezoids, octagons, parallelograms… I want to find a new shape, maybe, when I grow up.


17 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Contest: When I Grow Up

    • It’s tough… The word “potential” being thrown around. I heard it growing up, when I was at university, when I taught… Bah! (Although, in fairness, sometimes true.) What shape is that now? A Brentigon? 😉 I haven’t been entering, just playing around. I’m judging so I must recuse myself. So happy to hear you’re giving it a go! (I couldn’t do the humor one, either. I don’t have a humerus bone in my body.) See?

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  1. I love the small details in this girl’s story (well, I picture the character as a girl but maybe not) — how you show that she knows more than others realize. It’s so sad, though, when grownups don’t recognize a child’s brilliance and/or try to force them to conform. :-/

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  2. We’ve had some lovely responses to the contest, Sarah. Yours would’ve fitted in beautifully. Never mind, you have a very important job in the judging the contest finale. And, haven’t you got a new book coming out soon?!

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