Breakthrough #WritePhoto



“Check this out,” he crouched over some green stuff poking through the pavement.

“Okay,” I squinted. “I give up. What is it?”

“No clue.”

“Let’s go. I don’t like this. It’s not right.”

“Wait,” he reached out.

I grabbed his arm, “Don’t touch it! What the hell?”

“I’m just wondering…” He withdrew his hand but didn’t move.

“My mum says curiosity killed the cat.”

He looked up. “What’s a cat?”

“No idea,” I admitted. “Point is, you’re too curious. Could get you killed.”

“It won’t.”

“It could.”

“Hey! There’s something else with this green stuff. It’s like a…” He snapped his gloved fingers. “Damn. What are those things we learned about in The World Before class?”

I rolled my eyes. “Jerical…this stuff. It’s wrong. I’m serious. It’ll do something to you.”

He grinned. “You’re right. It will.” He lifted his mask.





My attempt at #writephoto, a weekly writing prompt for poetry/flash/short stories hosted by Sue Vincent




21 thoughts on “Breakthrough #WritePhoto

  1. Wowzee,Sarah. Loved the idea of The World Before class. And that we ARE that World Before. Great! Did you choose the name Jerical for any particular reason? I’m enjoying the Reef as much as Lemon Shark. Very inspiring.

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    • The World Before. Seems like a class our grandchildren might take. Gah! O_o Jerical… Well, I wanted something unique and mixed Jerald with Michael (two common names in this time). It also sounded a bit biblical. It’s similar to a city in the bible that was destroyed, I believe.

      Thank you! πŸ™‚

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      • I looked for Jerical after I wrote to you and there are real people with that name! Maybe their parents did what you did and mixed old Grandpa Jerald with old Grandpa Michael and hey presto! New baby Jerical. It does have a biblical feel to it. My mum wanted to call me Samantha. I could have ended up as Julantha or Samiet. Mmmm. Not so nice. Anyway, enough of that. I’d better get ready for work.
        I also just wanted to say that yours is one of the very few blogs I get dropped directly into my email box. And which I comment on always. I like what you do Sarah. πŸ‘ Bravo!

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        • What a lovely comment. πŸ’– Thank you, Juliet. πŸ™‚ Very much appreciated. (And the name is interesting. I had to look it up after you mentioned it and the search keeps asking if I mean “Jericho” which is, indeed, a city named in the bible that was destroyed.)


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  4. Love this piece, Sarah. Hope still exists in a dystopian world. It’s good to know that can’t be erased. I also love the idea of the “World Before” class. It says a lot more than “history” doesn’t it? The world before what? We destroyed it? I hope it doesn’t come to that.

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