Softness #WritePhoto



Sand shifts under our feet as we run to the sea. It sparkles in the sun.

My chest hurts when I see her smile. It’s been so long.

It’s petty of me but I’m glad I am the one who brought her here, made her happy.

“What are you thinking?” I sit in the slender beach grass.

“Softness,” she looks at the distant mountains lost in mist. “Everything is soothing. Muted and soft. Yet…they’re here.”

Shadows pass over us. Two of the winged beasts. She’s right. We are never alone—we have an audience. And they are always watching.




I’ve combined two prompts again this week:

#writephoto, a weekly writing prompt for poetry/flash/short stories hosted by Sue Vincent which asks writers to use photos for inspiration (the photo above is this week’s prompt)




and Flash Fiction Challenge over at Carrot Ranch which asks writers to pen a piece in 99 words (this week’s prompt: Audience).

March 23, 2017 prompt: Audience In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story write about an audience. It can be broad or small, and gathered for any reason. How does your character react to the audience?


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18 thoughts on “Softness #WritePhoto

    • Aw, thanks, Sue. Yes. Understated emotion for sure. And I feel like this one, these characters and their “audience”, need more breathing space. Perhaps I’ll work on that. (In all my free time…) 😉


    • I think it was supposed to be wistful and romantic but you know how it goes when you pants. 😀 More to the point, I think perhaps I’m incapable of pure sweetness. There’s always a fly in the chardonnay, you know?


    • Ooh…interesting. I wasn’t thinking of it that way. I think I had it the other way ’round. But, yes, that makes sense. There is such softness in this place and I get the feeling it’s something they don’t get to experience often. But, if they do, they’ve got that harsh audience so…

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    • They are menacing in my mind but I love that readers can take what they wish from each short piece like this. (Yes, the Reef is a separate space where I play with prompts, test the waters and whatnot. Glad you found it, too!) 🙂

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