The House of Clouds




The lovely and talented Ali Isaac recently posted about trees. One thing led to another and we were chatting on about teen poetry. You know how that goes.

Anyway, she said something about writing a cringe-worthy poem about trees when she was sixteen. To which I replied something along the lines of:

“Pfft! My teen angst poetry kicks your teen poetry’s arse. It is SO bad. I won’t even share it online. In fact, I don’t know where it is. In fact, I never wrote it.”

To which she said how fun a teen angst poetry slam would be (sort of) which I took as a challenge. I attempted to reach back through the years, channeling my sixteen-year-old self, to recreate some teen angst poetry. I failed. But…here is an actual poem I wrote. I somehow remembered this verbatim from my first year at university. I was seventeen years old.



It smelled like chocolate lavender

Inside the house of clouds

And thoughts of tiny animals

Were clearly heard out loud


Vanilla rose smiled up at me

Then motioned toward the light

And as my feet sank in the clouds

The day gave way to night


20 thoughts on “The House of Clouds

  1. how cruel; how do I comment on this? It’ll either be cruel, laughably honest and wrong or patronising or maybe all three. I quite liked it but then I like Groundhog Day and Love Actually on repeat… I truly need help

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  2. Haha! I think its really pretty. Your mind as a teen was a much brighter and lighter space than mine. Still confused as hell though! Lol! Ok. Guess I have to reply now, huh? Dammit! Me and my big mouth!

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    • This is not a good sampling of my teen angst. My mind was not sunshine and rainbows. Or chocolate and clouds as the case may be. 😂 You don’t have to reply. Only if you feel like it. I ran with that idea. This is my fun blog where I get to play. 🙂🙃😜

      Let me know if you do!


    • Are you kidding? This is my fun blog. My don’t-worry-be-happy blog. My dance-like-no-one-is-watching blog. 😉 I love it. It’s tiny and no one knows it’s here. Sort of. It’s fun and no-stress. ❤

      I love your #teenangstpoem and I'm determined to find something or channel my 16-yr-old self and write one. See you on the other side, my friend.


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