Home Fire


Fingertips touching, never leaving, they dance.

Round the circle ringed with stones, embers glowing, wind blowing, they move.

Hair whipping, voices crackling, they sing.

Calling for the flames to grow, fire curling, stars fading, they twirl.

Towering bonfire casting shadows…shifting…

Faces alight, flickering rust and gold…features rearranging…

They are ancient. Forgotten. Lifeless.

They are born. Pulsing. Alive.

On the damp beach, atop the cliff, in the forest, the desert, the mountains, marshes, plains, valleys…

They are everywhere and nowhere. They are here.


To this place. Our home.


Fingertips touching. Dancing on our bones. Frolicking through the ruins.



Flash Fiction Challenge over at Carrot Ranch

November 17, 2016 prompt: Fire – In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that is told around a campfire. It can be a bonfire, burning trash can, a fire pit, something flaming outdoors. Who is gathered and listening?


Sarah Brentyn Reef 99 Words - sig


11 thoughts on “Home Fire

  1. I love the poetry of this one, Sarah. Your repetitious sentence structures leads us gently; we follow, entranced by your words. You do this other-worldly thing rather well (just to be totally expressive!) The images you create are magic. If I had to choose, maybe this one: “Faces alight, flickering rust and gold…features rearranging…”

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