Green Fairy


The Green Fairy waits

Crystal glitters with absinthe

Pure liquid magic

Inspires art, frees the mind

Tethered to this life no more




I’ve taken on another of Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday challenge. Poetry is not my thing, to be sure. But it’s fun. This week’s challenge was to write a Tanka poem (5/7/5/7/7) with the words ‘magic’ & ‘glitter’ in it. Naturally, I went with a glittering crystal glass of absinthe (The Green Fairy).



12 thoughts on “Green Fairy

  1. Now, wait a minute… this is beautiful and poetry just might be your thing! LOL! These words: “The Green Fairy waits, Crystal glitters with absinthe…” are perfect. I really like this Tanka. ❀


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