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She flipped through the photo album. Empty.

She stared at it, wondering again what kind of flower decorated the cover. Her mind tried to find the word for its color then thought about the emptiness again.

Running her fingertips over the delicate petals, she closed her eyes and started humming a lullaby she used to sing to her daughter at bedtime.

Notes floated around her room and she frowned trying to recall the name of the song.

Round and round like the seasons. Cycles of summer, autumn, winter…spring.

Yes. Those flowers blossomed in the spring.

In and out and back again. In the dirt, planting seeds, watering can sprinkles the earth. Stems push through the soil, leaves grow, petals unfold.

Peach. It was peach, that hue. The cover.


And the flower, a rose. Carnation. Daisy.

Emptiness. Pink. Flowers. Spring.

With things that are alive trying to sprout from things that look dead.

The album was closed but she knew it was empty. They took the fading photos—black and white memories she was starting to lose.


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Week 62 Prompt: Photograph
Genre: Drama


37 thoughts on “Fading

  1. Lovely, Sarah. Very touching, and so sad. I don’t look forward to ever suffering in such a way. This sweet lady knew she didn’t know. That makes it all the more sad. I like the way she drew the memories out, bit by bit. But she never formed the full picture. I wonder how much more she may have recalled had they not removed the photographs.

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  2. I disagree with Eric. There is no ‘hovering’ about the heartbreak at the end of this one. “The album was closed but she knew it was empty. They took the fading photos—black and white memories she was starting to lose.” – I look at a photobook and I see snapshots and reminders of great moments. To have those images reduced to mere clippings on a page, to me, is a terrifying loss, and is one of my greatest fears. You made me hold my breath, fighting tears.

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  4. Thanks, everyone! ❤ I'm thrilled and honored to have won this BlogBattle. There were so many amazing stories. (And it is so awesome that I get to put the shiny, new battle winner badge on my blog.) 🙂


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