Standing Stones


“And here,” he grinned over his shoulder, “is where they held their fertility rituals.”

Giggles rippled through the crowd. Hell, he loved this job. Taking tourists around the stone circle, watching them open-mouthed and wide-eyed.

“I’ve saved the best for last,” he stopped near a flat stone and dropped his voice. “This is where the aliens…”

“Okay, Brother. Enough!” She stepped out of the group, long black hair shimmering, eyes flashing, head held high. “You have had your fun. Come home. The Goddess is not pleased.”

“Damn,” he kicked at the ground.

She grabbed his arm and they disappeared.



Flash Fiction Challenge over at Carrot Ranch

April 27, 2016 prompt: Showing someone around a property – 99 words (no more, no less) This prompt was given to us this week by Anne Goodwin.

I missed last week’s prompt by Norah Colvin: Circles”. So I incorporated both prompts into this one 99-word flash. Had fun, too. 🙂 I guess my complete lack of organizational skills as of late gives you another combo flash.

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24 thoughts on “Standing Stones

  1. Brilliant, Sarah! What a flash of inspiration and imagination. It’s hilarious. And to think you did it in 10 minutes! I struggle to get a glimmer of an idea. No flashes around here!
    I love the fertility rituals. Now I just need to know what the aliens got up to on that little flat rock. Hm. Let me think! I think the brother is quite a wag.

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    • Thanks, Norah. 🙂 It was fun to write. Well, I wrote it in around 10 (maybe 15) but the idea had been simmering… I’ve always got some idea or another hanging about until it boils over and has to be written.
      I don’t think there are any aliens in this particular stone circle. The Goddess was insulted that he would even suggest such a thing. Perhaps you can try your hand at sci-fi and pick the story up from here…

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      • Ooh! That’s a challenge. Jane was suggesting writers contribute the next episode to her story as well.
        I thought they were the aliens the way they disappeared out of there! 🙂


    • Geez, Anne! I don’t know! O_o They are mostly with you across the pond but, of course, they’ve been found all over the world. If the US has any, they are likely small and/or were here before the settlers arrived. There might be remains of something somewhere. I’m honestly not sure. If there are, I haven’t visited them. Only UK ones.

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