I’m Inside My Broken Self


My outer shell splits in two. It sits beside me, hollow and smiling, waiting for the next layer to be pulled apart and placed beside us.

There are six. I have six faces that are exactly and precisely me. Yet different.

Some eyes are blue, some green or brown. Some lips red, others pink or peach.

Each one me.

Each one not.

My lunch tray, full of steaming food, makes me gag. Clatter of a dropped fork, shrill pitch of laughter, blur of clothing… These crack my next shell.

Over and over until I am small.

Human nesting doll.



Flash Fiction Challenge over at Carrot Ranch

April 2, 2016 prompt: Agoraphobia In 99 words (no more, no less) write a response to an agoraphobic moment. Explore the character’s discomfort.

Sarah Brentyn Reef 99 Words - sig


Agoraphobia as defined by Mayo Clinic


21 thoughts on “I’m Inside My Broken Self

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  2. This is so sad, Sarah. It expresses the pain so well, I can almost touch it. I can feel the anguish. It’s tragic that no one else can see and help her hold it together. Things that nobody else would notice, and therefore don’t understand, tear her apart. The need for understanding and compassion is so important.

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    • Yes. It’s so, so important. If you can’t relate to it, and many cannot, you must at least try to be compassionate about it. Sometimes people are alone in their struggles to get through a situation no one else even knows is there. Thanks, Norah. ❤

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      • Some peel back the layers as you describe. Others curl up into a little ball and disappear into the shadows in the corner. Look after yourself, my friend. Hugs xo


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