Regret Has a Serrated Spoon


I just did something unforgivable.

Shakespeare says, “What’s done cannot be undone.”

I know the pain of this truth.

I have felt the words “blind rage”. I don’t remember all of what I did in my fury.

No one talks about the confusion that follows, when you’re in a heap on the floor wondering what happened. Or the regret that scoops you out like a cantaloupe.

I am hollow.

How fortunate I am that regret has a serrated spoon. As an empty husk, there’s a chance I can live.

With the fragmented memories of this thing that I did.



Flash Fiction Challenge over at Carrot Ranch

March 9, 2016 prompt: Monster In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about a monster


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17 thoughts on “Regret Has a Serrated Spoon

  1. Wow! “regret that scoops you out like a cantaloupe. I am hollow.” That is a powerful image, Sarah. It punches me in the gut and I share your hollowness. What a wonderful analogy. I can identify those feelings along with the wish/fear that you are so hollow you will implode. But oh, I love the life-raft you send, the “serrated spoon”. It’s a good feeling when the wound heals and the hollowness disappears. Almost. But never in entirety. What a great response to Charli’s prompt.

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  2. I’m going to add mine to the responses: Wow! First, I think that’s one of the most meaningful quotes back to the Bard I’ve seen used. This line: “Or the regret that scoops you out like a cantaloupe.” Followed by the three-word summary — great pacing. So many brilliant things come together here. Wow. And the story, the breakdown of emotional rage and shown from the inside out. Can I give you a third Wow? Okay, I will!

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