Left Alone


My fingers ached.

Miss Williams stood near my small, wooden desk, arms crossed over her flat chest and foot tapping on the floor looking every last bit of the bitter, burned-out teacher she was. She stared out the window with big, bulging eyes I always thought looked extra weird set in her skinny face.

She was not happy having to stay after school with me again.

I’d been sitting for two hours, at least, and my butt was going numb. I shifted in the hard seat and tried to rub the ache out of my cramped hand.

I went back to scribbling on the piece of paper until it was full of words. Miss Williams walked to the cabinet, got another sheet and brought it back to me. “Write,” she said.

I held up my hand, “It’s sore and all red.” It’d been worse. I knew that. But I figured I’d try my luck.

She turned those eyeballs on me for a minute. “It’s been worse,” she said.


I sighed, picked up the pencil again, and wrote four words. A stick came down on my knuckles. “I’m tired,” I looked up through my lashes, “I wasn’t thinking.” I made a show of switching the pencil to my right hand. Miss Williams grabbed the paper and read:

I am left-handed



Flash Fiction Challenge over at Carrot Ranch

February 17, 2016 prompt: Diversity In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story of a character who is diverse. Who is this person? Does this character know, accept or reject being perceived as different?

I didn’t make it this week. I followed the prompt, got it in on time but, technically, my “99 word” flash is not 99 words. It’s WELL over at 220. First time for everything. Sorry, Charli. 😝


Sarah Brentyn Reef 99 Words - sig


23 thoughts on “Left Alone

  1. “Sorry, Charli” on an ocean surf, lemon shark site reminds me of Charlie Tuna! Given your focus on all things 99 words lately you are hereby given a word reprieve for the week! Especially since it’s a powerful story. Talk about finding one’s voice through writing! Ooh, look —> a shiny new badge! Got to check that out!

    Liked by 4 people

    • Finding voice through writing… Nice one. Thanks for the reprieve. 💖 The other one I wrote for this prompt was longer and darker. Didn’t work. I’m liking the characters emerging from these flashes though. (Yes. I won BlogBattle this week with my Will Power flash so…shiny, new badge.) 😊

      P.S. Watch it with the canned fish references. I might bite.

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  2. What a sad situation, Sarah. I hope that didn’t really happen to you. I know some to whom it did. Are you left-handed? Your flash reminds me of a recent post by Jenny Pellett on her blog Characters From the Kitchen. I wonder did you see it. It was called, “Which way do you stir your tea?” https://goo.gl/rT76aG
    I’m pleased to see Charli is letting you off the hook (so to speak). I’m sure she’s just as delighted to read your words as I am. I just hope we’re not setting a precedent here! 🙂

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  4. No matter how many words you write Sarah, I love them all and I mean it…always have 🙂 As a lefty, I’ve never been rapped over the knuckles, but I was always the kid with ink smeared down the side of my left hand. Still, it’s nice to be different sometimes 😉 And many congratulations on your Creative Writer award, I meant to say it on your other post seeing it proudly displayed (and no wonder you won, I mean, come on, your flash is brilliant…), but I was in a hurry to read this post. You take a writing break and you win an award…this is what I’m talking about lovely lady 😀 ❤

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