Bonny Lass


I thrive upon the open water. With freedom and fury, the violence inside me unleashed. Sword and pistol held steady. Stealing treasures of gold and those of blood. I fight with lethal force, kill without mercy.

Yet I ask mercy for the parasite in my belly. Fools give it. And I live. The child won’t.

After birth, I return to sea without regret.

A different name. They still know me. Breasts I will not hide, hair like flame. They respect me. Fear me. Know they will wake with an axe in their drunken skull should they cross me.



Flash Fiction Challenge over at Carrot Ranch

December 2, 2015 prompt: PirateIn 99 words (no more, no less) write a pirate story. It can be about pirates or piracy; modern or of yore. Swashbuckling, parrots and rum can be involved or maybe you’ll invent details beyond standard pirates.


 * No, Anne Bonny was not Scottish. She was Irish (American) but I took liberty with the title. Because it’s my blog. And it was fun. 


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21 thoughts on “Bonny Lass

  1. This one is a bit brutal, Sarah. For all our equality and women’s lib etc, seeing women involved in violence doesn’t appeal me. Our first women soldiers are now fighting on the front line. I’d rather see women being the peacekeepers and could do without equality in this area. I am just a genteel soul after all.
    However my thoughts about women and violence is not meant as a reflection of the brilliance of your flash. You have excelled again, creating a very vivid picture. That flaming hair – they must learn to not cross a redhead! 🙂

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    • Anne was definitely brutal. All pirates were, of course, but she is famous for her brutality. (Perhaps because she was a woman?) That was a way for her to get equality — one of very few ways in the 1700s. Like I said to Charli, it’s tough to separate fact from myth but Anne Bonny remains a legend (and is said to have enjoyed the violence of the pirate life). ? Who knows… There are a lot of other stories about her and Mary Read (another famous pirate) that may or may not be true. Only some is documented.

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  3. Bonny Lass indeed…wouldn’t want to cross her! Your flash evokes this woman perfectly Sarah, I can see her, hear her, imagine her surroundings and the tragedy of the loss of her child. And out she goes to sea once again. That’s tough, very tough…and one great flash…

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