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I could never wear white. Washes me out. But you pull it off. Probably your dark hair. Olive, that’s my daughter, changed my burial dress to this white thing. Can you believe it? Jealous little witch. Delicious scandal and I couldn’t gossip to anyone! Well, she got the last laugh. I’m stuck forever being photographed in white!

Get on with it then. I usually like to perch on the pillar but, in autumn, the leaves are a bit scratchy. How about I stand next to the grave? Hello?!


Ooh! You’re one of those people! This should be fun…



Flash Fiction Challenge over at Carrot Ranch

October 21, 2015 prompt: Cemeteries – In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about a final resting place. You can take any perspective that appeals to you from the historic to the horrific. Just don’t scare me too greatly. You can also choose to write about those buried before they came to their final rest. An extra challenge is to discover a story or character from a local cemetery. I double-dog dare you to join me with your own cemetery day!


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30 thoughts on “Ruthless

  1. Charli, dear. 😉 I took you up on your challenge (dare) and had a bit of a cemetery day. I wish I had more time…
    The title, Ruthless, is a play on the woman in white’s name: Ruth. Also, of course, what her daughter, Olive, did to her. Ruth married John (her cousin) and they had two children. One of them is Olive, who never married.

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    • Yes! You won the dare! Great play on her name, and her wicked game with “those” types! That’s a spectacular tombstone the three of them share. And what beautiful colors those leaves are revealing; perhaps a more apt reflection of Ruth’s true color? And the tidbit of cousins marrying (common back then), and wondering why Olive never did. What a rich flash. Thank you!

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      • Isn’t that a gorgeous stone?! I thought it was beautiful in the spring and summer with the tree that drapes over it but the leaves down the front? Stunning. The color and contrast. You know I love cemeteries. How could I resist this dare? (Ha! Ruth’s true colors.) 😀 Thanks for this week’s prompt. I’d never looked into their history and, I have to say, I think it will be addictive. Really interesting…


  2. But not a strait white jacket! This is definitely fun, Sarah. You have really pulled it off. And I wasn’t as observant as Anne. I hadn’t noticed you used information from the gravestone photographed. You are a clever girl. I love all that is implied in your story. I’d love to know what that clever little witch of a daughter got up to! 🙂

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