“What could be better than this?”

“Not a thing.” Donna smiled at her husband.

“It’s like being on vacation…”

“Every day,” she finished.

They clinked glasses, toasting their new beachfront home, watching frothy waves roll up on their private beach.


They don’t talk about that night on their deck overlooking the ocean—the shattered champagne bottle, the shattered dream.

But they are reminded.

Every time they reach out for help, they are reminded.

Sipping scotch in the motel, they listen to Donna’s mother on speakerphone. “A category 4 hurricane. Tsk, tsk. I told you not to buy beachfront property.”



Flash Fiction Challenge over at Carrot Ranch

August 26 Prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about the need for help in an extreme weather event. Does it arrive or does the plea go ignored?


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11 thoughts on “Toasted

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  2. Wonderful story, Sarah. I thought I’d already commented, but obviously not, sorry. That beachfront property can be problematic. When I was a child, we lived near to the sea, maybe 500 – 1000 metres back. I read a story about a tsunami and I used to have nightmares of a huge wave rushing in to engulf our house. Fortunately it never happened. Two offshore islands pretty much prevent that. But nothing much can prevent the storms. The winds certainly whip up near the coast though.
    The “I told you so” is one we all like to avoid, isn’t it?

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    • Sounds delightful. I’d have nightmares, too. O_o I don’t understand beachfront properties but they are really popular. Of course, the view would be spectacular but not worth it to me. Yes, I suppose the happy couple will have to look elsewhere for support.

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      • I love looking over the beach. I guess some areas are more protected than others. Sheltered in bays or behind islands there is less chance of tsunamis and storm surges at least. Do you live near the coast, or are you inland? I grew up near the beach, but now leave about an hours drive to the closest beach.

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