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She spent seven years looking for an anchor. That’s what everyone said she needed. A partner who could ground her, keep her rational, responsible, sensible. Keep her from herself.

She found him and attached herself to his sanity. His kindness soothed, his composure balanced. He tethered her to this world like a kite string. Often, she thought of him when she gardened, digging her hands into the soil, marveling at thin strands stretching, reaching down to set themselves. She daydreamed about roots reaching up. Why not? Into possibility? Into open sky where they might breathe? No, the fragile flowers grabbed earth and wrapped around and held so tightly that it took great force to rip them out. Like the plants, she lived because she was smothered.

Yes, he tethered her—and that is the only way she existed at all.

She could have been as happy as her mind was capable of letting her be. That is when temptation decided to push its way into her pretty life. It shone not like the soft streaks of sunlight through tree branches, but like a flashlight—its beam bright and unforgiving. It exposed her, the delicate ribbon tying her to him morphed into a thick chain. A leash.

She wouldn’t be a dog, even a beloved one. She was a bird and needed to fly. Wiping her palms on her jeans, she picked up dirt-caked shears, cut the cord, and walked away. Away from the home, the computer, the garden, and him. Away from the dust of the place where she had established respectable roots to a place where her thirst for what she wasn’t supposed to want could be satiated. Because what she needed wasn’t an anchor, but an oasis.



#Blogbattle is a weekly writing prompt for flash/short stories hosted by Rachael Ritchey 

Week 23 Prompt: Oasis


P.S. Thanks to Blondewritemore for alerting me to this fantabulous writing challenge. Cheers!

34 thoughts on “Roots

  1. I’m pleased she walked away. I was predicting a more sinister ending. I thought she had already done away with him when she was digging in the garden!
    The imagery is powerful. I particularly like “tethered to this world like a kite string” and “because what she needed wasn’t an anchor, but an oasis”.
    Powerful piece. Well done.

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  2. ‘Yes, he tethered her—and that is the only way she existed at all.’ There is so much I could say about this piece. Her anchor-chain cut, she flies free towards her oasis. Beautiful this Sarah; you have touched my heart with a deep resonance from another life ❤

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  3. ♥♥ I started off thinking hey an anchor nice!! it could be an oasis like the calm in the eye of the storm (oh no don’t tell that’s not the theme because I just finished writing one oh dear… )
    and then the anchor becomes leash…. ” She wouldn’t be a dog, even a beloved one.”
    I did have to admit I expected the shallow grave in the garden type ending too, “Wiping her palms on her jeans, she picked up dirt-caked shears, cut…..”__*him up Hahaha*

    a question someone asked me, “what would you rather have, strong wings or strong roots?” ….wings it is yes?


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    • Right? I actually didn’t know where the anchor was going. (Pantser here…) Ah. The evil ending. Hmm. I wonder why people keep expecting that of me. 😉

      So. Wow. Um… Strong roots or strong wings?! I will seriously have to think on that one.

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  5. The word that his makes me think of is freedom. She needs it, craves it. Just as we all do. But sometimes it takes courage to take it.

    Good piece of writing. 🙂

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