Dark? The hollow blackness that nestles deep inside? I am carved, well and truly—my shell hides the cold. I am empty. Nothing resides within. My screams echo in this kind of darkness.

Light? The brightness I desperately try to unearth? I see rays filtering through ruins—the neglected remains of myself. I shrink away. Terrible things emerge. This kind of light illuminates the ugliness.

I must choose.



This is part of a weekly writing prompt hosted by Sacha Black.

Writespiration #50 Prompt: Light vs Dark

13 thoughts on “Options

  1. Please choose the light. Look beyond the images seen through filtering rays. They are only your imaginings. The true light does not illuminate ugliness, for there is none in reality to be seen.

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    • Right. Well, in all the ways that I totally agree with you, I’m not sure this is the type of light and dark I want to have. 😉 I’ll take the rich, grounding dark and the soft, weightless light.


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