Her locks didn’t work.

That was what she hated most. Not the dripping bathroom faucet, the fridge that kept her food cold every other Thursday, the heat that warmed her only on full moons in August. It was the doors that didn’t lock.

She thought about this, a familiar unsettling feeling creeping into the crevices of her mind and sticking there like spilled honey left on the countertop.

“John,” she reached out, “who’s my little Locke? Who’s the smartest, bravest pound puppy in the world?” She kissed his nose.

The intruder, outside her window, saw the Doberman and left.



June 10 Prompt: Animal Rescue (In 99 words – no more, no less – write a story about an animal rescue)

Flash Fiction Challenge over at Carrot Ranch

20 thoughts on “Saved

    • Yes, there is often menace in my flash. I can’t argue that. Aww, even when they’re older, they’re still our “puppies” (or “kittens” as the case may be). Somehow I knew you’d be the first to point out the philosophy in the flash. 🙂

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  2. Yes, a reverse flash – the animal doing the rescuing. Well done, Sarah. Are you sure you’ve used only 99 words! You always seem to tell far more than I do!
    I was quite fearful for her at first, living in such a run-down apartment without any locks. Ah, but then you introduced us to John Locke, her doberman liberator and rescuer. How wonderful! Very clever! Great flash! 🙂

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    • A double rescue! It’s not what I intended to write but you know how these things go. At least for me, they take on a life of their own and go in directions I didn’t plan. (Pantser, here.) I do believe it’s exactly 99 words — and thank you. 🙂

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