“Will no one stand for the accused?”

Silence spread through the crowd.

Some looked out windows or at the wooden floor. Others sat up straighter, a look of superiority lighting their faces and dancing in their eyes.

All held roses. Each clutching one white and one red flower. Petal after petal was raised in the air. Red. Red. Another red.

The large, bearded man overseeing the trial did not act surprised. “The accused will be hanged,” he said blandly, “tomorrow at noon.”

When the villagers walked to the square the next morning, one white rose rested on the gallows.



June 3 Prompt: Roses (In 99 words – no more, no less – write a story that includes a rose)

Flash Fiction Challenge over at Carrot Ranch

22 thoughts on “Alone

    • I can imagine being in that stuffy room, watching rose after rose rise up against me. Then the next morning. The day of my death. One lone rose to save my life. Makes me wonder what the backstory is. Was the anonymous white rose from a coward who wouldn’t raise it during trial? Was there too much fear? Were there threats (spoken or implied)? This is usually what keeps people from helping. But there could be more to it…
      Thanks, Charli.

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    • Whoa. Interesting. Hadn’t thought of that. Nice twist. The story belongs to the reader. I like it! I don’t know where the red and white came from (probably years of color symbolism: white = purity/innocence) and the roses came from Charli’s prompt. πŸ˜€

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    • Hmm… Is it too late or did the accused get a reprieve in her death sentence? I was thinking along the lines of witch trials but, honestly, it could be anything. Writing a story in 99 words, it’s tough to include much backstory. Sometimes I know all the details, other times, it is what it is. πŸ™‚


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  2. Riveting start that never lost pace, reaching a most poignant and perfect ending. Loved it! You had me in the court room wondering whether I’d have the courage to even raise a white rose amongst the sea of red.

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