The Album


She stared at the empty album, wondering again what kind of flower decorated the cover before her mind tried to find the word for the color then thought about the emptiness again.

Round and round like the seasons. In and out and back again. Peach. It was peach, that hue. Pink. And the flower, a rose. Or carnation. Daisy. The emptiness. Pink. Flowers. Like spring. With things that are alive trying to sprout from things that look dead.

The album was closed but she knew they took the fading photos—black and white memories she was starting to lose.



May 6 Prompt: Spring (Write a story that is a snapshot of spring.)

Flash Fiction Challenge over at Carrot Ranch

18 thoughts on “The Album

  1. Your flash isn’t so happy and peachy either. Dementia is sad. At least it seems that way to us. I always hope that maybe there are other ways of seeing it. I think with the subtlety of this flash you touch on memory in general and its fading. Loss always seems sad.

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    • No, my flash is definitely not happy and peachy. I tend to start out with something nice for Carrot Ranch but it often turns on me.

      It’s devastating, really. Memory loss, strokes, dementia, mental illness, whatever it is that’s holding her hostage is awful. I had never thought about it being viewed differently. There is definite loss here, I know.


  2. The focus on trying to remember the names of colors and flowers acts as a substitute for the lost memories inside. This makes your flash more poignant than if you focused on the photos. I know what dark halls peaches & cream would lead you to in your imagination! 🙂 But your writing is sharp and that is beautiful.

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    • Thanks so much, Charli. 🙂
      Yes, there is so much energy focused on trying to catch fleeting thoughts and memories of mundane things that I didn’t get to the photos — but I didn’t want to. At that point, it didn’t matter who (or what) was in them.


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    • Thanks, Pete. The flow is definitely something I worried about while writing this. It made sense for the character but thought it might be choppy to read. I so appreciate your comment.


  4. Love this line: ‘With things that are alive trying to sprout from things that look dead.’ You are a beautiful writer Sarah, and I’ll keep saying it ❤
    (And I'm sorry in being so late…)

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