Dance Like Everyone’s Watching


“Why do you hide this?” He brushed his thumb across her cheek, lifting thick curls off her face.

“Don’t,” she slapped his hand away, pulling her hair forward.

He leaned against the lockers, watching her.

She stuffed a chemistry book into her bag. “What?”

“I’m taking you to prom,” he smirked.

“Oh, get over yourself.”

He winked at the girls strutting by. They blew kisses. “See? They love me. And I’m taking you,” he repeated. “I want them to see us together.”

She glanced over her shoulder, catching glares. “Obviously, that’s not a good idea for you.”

“Screw them.”




April 29 Prompt: Racism (Write a story that tackles racism. What breaks the barrier of other-ness?)

Flash Fiction Challenge over at Carrot Ranch

7 thoughts on “Dance Like Everyone’s Watching

  1. This is the beginning of a YA book I want to read! He’s so cocky but loveable, and she hasn’t yet found her worth. I hope this is a dance that makes the difference. The popular boy favoring the “other” girl is a literary medium that could show so many sides of how racism impacts youth and how youth can teach us all something new.

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