On the Scene


“Wait!” Skinny rushed over with her can of hairspray, lifting a flyaway strand out of my face.

I sighed, “Hurry! I’m first on the scene. Don’t screw this up for me.”

“Okay.” Skinny scurried away. “Just wanted…”

“Whatever,” I snapped. “Blondie, you ready?”

Blondie shifted her camera slightly, “Go.”

I drew my eyebrows together, pursed my lips, and spoke slowly. “Minutes ago,” I slumped my shoulders and swung my arm to show the surrounding brown grass and trees, “our beloved park….”

“Stop. News reports coming in from everywhere—‘the dying earth’ they’re calling it. You’re not the first…”




April 1 Prompt: Brown Earth (Write about the day the Earth turned brown)

Flash Fiction Challenge over at Carrot Ranch

7 thoughts on “On the Scene

  1. So keen to be the first to report, yet totally missing the relevance of what it means. I like the edgy, snide way the news team treats one another as if they were “mean girls” meets the apocalypse!


    • I loved writing this. I really enjoy writing bitch characters. Hmm… Anyway, it was a fun twist on your prompt because, in reality, the prompt makes me so bloody sad I can’t stand it.


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