Breakfast in Bed


“I hate these,” she fingered the rough cotton of her hospital gown.

Her husband looked at the ceiling, a loud sigh escaping his lips.

“I’m the one getting stuck with needles. What’s your problem?”


“Whatever. Always bitching. Oh, sorry. You’re a guy. I must be the bitch. So you’re, what, a passive-aggressive asshole?”

The door opened. “So,” the doctor began as a larger unfamiliar man followed him into the room.

Her husband jumped up. “Is she…?”

“Of course I am,” she spat. “The nausea, fatigue, vomiting. How far along doc? And who’s this lughead?”

“This is officer Norwood.”



March 18 Prompt: Symptoms (Write a story to reveal a characters symptoms)

Flash Fiction Challenge over at Carrot Ranch

7 thoughts on “Breakfast in Bed

  1. Not everyone is on the same page with the symptoms in this story! You definitely portray a couple on edge yet there are so many tantalizing possibilities… Lughead! Great way to acknowledge the detective! This story could be a prompt for “what happens next…” 🙂


    • 😀 This is definitely a “what happens next” story. I typed it out on my phone then realized, when I got it into Word, that it was waaay too long. Had to cut it almost in half. And here we are left with a will-anyone-get-what’s-going-on-now? flash. Let’s see…


  2. I love the tension between the couple – not sure yet who the lughead is, was expecting it to be the father, but a detective? More next week presumably!


    • Ooh… I’ve never done a continuation on Carrot Ranch. I was going to work on this one or just bring back some of what I cut out for the 99 words but maybe I’ll try to work it into next week’s prompt. That will be a challenge. Thanks!


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