Birthdays & Burial Masks


He didn’t believe in reincarnation.

Standing on the cliff, he savored the sensation of his toes no longer feeling earth beneath them. His rough hand held the smooth turquoise stone.

Memories flooded his mind—mosaics, ceremonial masks, necklaces… The blues and greens of lapis lazuli, jade, jasper, beryl, aventurine inlaid with turquoise.

“Happy Birthday,” he said, the wind pulling his words. Twenty years on this earth. Already or again?

He had insisted on traveling alone. To a place he had never been. The stone, wedged in red rock, waited for him. He had left it there twenty years ago.



March 4 Prompt: Turquoise

Flash Fiction Challenge over at Carrot Ranch

7 thoughts on “Birthdays & Burial Masks

  1. I feel as if he’s collecting stones throughout time, adding to his burial mask. It can be the intriguing beginning of a fantasy story. All the stones are shades on either side of turquoise — some more green, some more blue. Each stone could have a significance; each life adding to something to come. So cool that you did this in a flash!


    • SO cool! I love what different people get from 99 words. I took out 2 words: “this stone” and you’ve taken this flash someplace amazing. I think I will write a short story about it. That’s an awesome premise. Thanks!


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