He perched on a rock, tilting his face to the sun and listening to the trickling stream. It used to snake through the woods, rushing by this spot. A dip in the earth, full of fresh water splashing up and over boulders like the one he sat on.

At least that’s what they told him. He had never heard the water crashing into stones and trees. Sometimes he thought about what clean water would taste like. He imagined it was sweet, like berries.

The elders knew. They knew the river was drying up and they prayed.


“Coming, Mama!”



February25 Prompt: River (Write a story that includes a river and a person. Who is experiencing the water? How can a river and a character merge with meaning?)
Flash Fiction Challenge over at Carrot Ranch

9 thoughts on “River

  1. Chilling to think I was just discussing with the Hub how the river in his home town in northern Nevada is nearly dry; the reservoir at an all-time low and no snow pack in the Sierras to refresh the drought. His Dad and nephew both called to tell him that tonight. What a sacred name to give the boy on the rock.


  2. This is gorgeous, Sarah. Was the little boy named River for his birth coinciding with the river in full flow, or a wish for it to be so?


  3. Great flash and it really makes you think we have to look after this earth of ours or a similar fate could well befall us. Great to name the child River – it brings with it even more impact as he will come but the river won’t.


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