Quick Descent

She was late for her presentation.


The elevator was slow. She tapped her foot, shifted her weight, glanced at her watch.

Forget it.

She bolted for the stairs. Taking them two at a time was impossible in her pencil skirt and high heels so she raced up with tiny, clicking steps.

I’ll make it. Click-click-click. I’ll make it.

Her ankle twisted, pitching her body back.

Her colleagues raced toward her, faces pale.

“I’m okay,” she cringed, stockings ripped, blood leaking from somewhere.

One of them pointed down the hall with a shaky hand, “No. The elevator…” Sirens wailed.



December 31 Prompt: Stairs (Write a story that includes steps, stairs, or a staircase)
Flash Fiction Challenge over at Carrot Ranch

6 thoughts on “Quick Descent

  1. This is better than hamster bones, but I’m wanting more! That’s a dreaded position to be in–a professional rush. But the emergency is bigger and takes over. Glad she took the stairs. Great flash!


    • I wanted more with this one, too. It was the first time in a long while that my word count was way over (in the 130s) and had to carve it down. I think I got the point across but wish I had a bit more detail. Yes, glad she took the stairs.


  2. Oh dear, Sarah. It reminds me of a fall down the stairs I had. Next thing I knew was the arrival of the ambulance. It wasn’t fun. I shouldn’t have been rushing. Neither should she! Isn’t there a saying, “Slow and steady wins the race”?


    • Indeed. But had she been patient or “slow and steady” she wouldn’t be winning any more races, that’s for sure. Better to fall down a flight of stairs than plummet to her death in an elevator. O_o


    • Hee… Yes, high stakes in high heels. 🙂 I love trying to squeeze a story into the 99 words. I can usually write it up and hit 105 or something but, this week, it was in the 130s. It was a challenge to carve down. Thanks!


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