She ran out of ink.

The damn ballpoint pen actually went dry before she could finish scratching out all the limericks with her name and the offers with her cell phone number. She hurled the Bic into the toilet, and picked up her backpack.

Her breath caught as she heard the girls’ room door open, laughter trickling in. It was the pack, cackling like hyenas. The same girls who wrote filth in the bathroom stalls.

“Did you see the look on her face? Priceless!”

“I know! What. A. Loser.”

“Be right back—gotta go pee.”


The door opened.



November 19 Prompt: Toilet (Write a story that includes a toilet. In honor of World Toilet Day)
Flash Fiction Challenge over at Carrot Ranch

11 thoughts on “Cornered

  1. Yay, Sarah, another marvellous take on Charli’s prompt. I would never have thought of this, but so much potential in those schoolgirl bathroom wars.


  2. So much tension built up in 99 words and a stall! And a reminder that even in places with proper sanitation and education, not all girls feel safe. Great take on the toilet!


    • I’m glad you felt the tension I was trying to get across in my 99 this week. True that, even in places where we are privileged, we don’t always feel safe. So much could be written on that topic. Thanks!


    • Fantastic! Wasn’t sure I pulled it off — capturing all those emotions. (And how we all have to pee.) 🙂
      This piece might seem superficial, but these feelings are all too real for too many kids.
      Thank you so much.


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