He couldn’t do it.

For some reason, he couldn’t kill this one. He leaned in and stared at the eyes. He had never spent any time actually looking before. Sitting back on his heels, he felt the weight of the weapon in his hand.

He thought about the term “taking a life”. What was he taking? Ending a life. That’s what he was doing – what he had done countless times before. He would stop a heart. He would prevent any more air entering lungs. He would crush a body.

“Bloody hell, Carl! Haven’t you killed that damn spider yet?”


November 12 Prompt: Photobomb (Write a serious scene interrupted by something absurd)
Flash Fiction Challenge over at Carrot Ranch

12 thoughts on “Assassin

    • Thanks. 🙂

      I still have my one blog — Lemon Shark. I’m just thrilled I finally found time to set up the page that Flash Fiction Magazine offered me back in June!

      I’m grateful to have a page on their blog (and to have a place to keep my fiction).


  1. Okay so fill us in. Do spiders have lungs? Do they have a circulatory system? I have to admit I talk to spiders whilst I’m catching them to relocate so I’m assuming they have ears and can understand English. Great flash, great fiction repository and yes your flash worked well. 🙂


    • Ugh. Blech. Okay… They have a heart. They have blood. They have “lungs” but not like ours — more like air enters through thingies. Basically I peeked through my fingers to get enough info to write this. Man, what I do for flash. 😉

      I’ll have to look up whether they have ears but I suppose it depends on the species whether they understand English, eh?

      Thank you!


  2. That was certainly a serious situation interrupted by the unexpected. The picture (photo) I had playing in my mind definitely was not that of spider. Congratulations on the flash fiction page! 🙂


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